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How To Lose Weight Through Dance?

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For thousands and thousands of years, man has used dancing for various reasons, to perform certain religious or cultural rituals such as the Rain Dance; or simply for the sake of pleasure. Many cultures and countries around the globe have come with a range of dances that are performed for specific reasons and occasions. One thing is for sure, that dancing is a certain step towards losing weight! So if you’re fond of dancing and fond of losing weight at the same time, here are a few types of dancing you should checkout.

Salsa – From the streets of South America to modern nightclubs and now dance studios and gyms, this age-old Latin dance form has become popular throughout the globe due to it being exhilarating as well as successful when it comes to weigh loss. Whether you love dancing or have always shied away from it, there are a variety of salsa classes to choose from, from the beginners training to even bridal dance lessons. Whatever it is you choose, there are six basic steps that you will be taught in Salsa. These special steps are danced to the beat of eight counts of music and quite a few turns that are carried out from side to side. It’s a lot of turns to memorize but its well worth it as one hour of salsa is said to burn 420 calories!

Zumba – Another dance form originating from South America, Zumba combines a variety of dances such as hip hop, salsa, soca, samba, mambo, and merengue; together with intense aerobic movements like squats and lunges. It is highly successful as well as well enjoyable as the music used to dance Zumba is very energetic and varies from pop to Latin and hip hop. It is very essential that you choose to try Zumba at a place with a Zin, or licensed Zumba instructor. Usually, a Zumba session starts with stretching exercises and then moves on to an hour of dancing where supposedly you burn and an average of 500 to 1,000 calories. The final push ups, sit ups and crunches.

Pole Dancing – This type of dancing can not only pave the way to lose weight but can also help you to increase your flexibility and bring some action to your love life as well! Pole dancing is a workout for the entire body as it combines a full-on cardio workout as well as resistance training. And if you’re thinking that you’re too old for it, don’t worry, world champion pole dancer Natasha Wang is said to have only started pole dancing when she was 29, so there’s plenty of time for you to dance your way around to fitness!